Plant Spirit Medicine Practice


Just as humans have both a physical and a spiritual aspect, so do beings in nature. We are of the same family. Just as we humans gain nourishment from eating a plant, we can also gain nourishment from the spirit of a plant. A simple form of this is how we feel after a walk in the woods. Plant spirit medicine recognizes plants have spirits. Spirit is the strongest medicine. Spirit can heal the deepest reaches of the heart and soul.

As a Plant Spirit Medicine healer I call upon the extraordinary healing power of the plant spirits.  This differs from many forms of herbalism in the importance it places on the relationship between the plants, the healer and the client.  We look at the whole person, seeing all they have to offer, leaving judgment and criticism behind. In this way we come to the root of a person’s imbalance and use the appropriate plants to provide them with what they need for health in their body, mind, and spirit.  The result is a deeply effective, deeply elegant form of healing. With Plant Spirit Medicine, we return the person to balance and harmony, to their greatest sense of themselves.

Offerings: I offer two ways for people to experience this healing–individual healing sessions and workshops to teach individuals how to create direct relationship with plants. If you have questions, want to find out more or make an appointment click here.